Abnormally Attracted To Sin (emtqueen85) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Abnormally Attracted To Sin

Queen Simone Biles Wins Her Second Consecutive World AA Gold (And Runs Away From A Bee)!

She is the first American since Shannon Miller to win back-to-back AA titles, the sixth woman to do so, and the first in 11 years.

Larissa Iordache of Romania goes for broke and wins her first major AA medal with silver and Kyla Ross once again proves that execution matters by winning bronze. Jesus be a roll of kineso-tape that Kyla was healthy enough to compete and didn't scratch to allow NotMykayla Skinner to compete. Queen Aliya Mustafina was clearly exhausted this competition and fell on floor exercise, thus taking herself out of the running.

See Beepocalypse 2014 here.
Tags: black celebrities, ontd original, sports / athletes

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