Mr. Steal Your Girl (la_fours) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Mr. Steal Your Girl

Issa Rae mistaken for Danielle Brooks at People Magazine's "Ones to Watch" event

From Danielle Brooks' Instagram account.

Explain this to me. Myself and the beautiful @issarae were in this years @peoplemag for One's to Watch. I'm sure I can speak for my sister, we were both honoured to be thought of this year. However, just because we are both black and in this industry doesn't give people the right to not give a flip about who we are. (I do recognize this was a mistake by #zimbio and #gettyimages)

Now the first time this happened with @retta and LA Times I was cool about it, but now this is the 2nd time in less than 3 months I have been mistaken for someone else. I don't understand how you can be at a celebratory event for the thing you've been included and recognized for, and they still mix you up. And the kicker is, I wasn't even there. It wasn't like you had to figure out which black girl was which, @issarae was standing proudly by herself in all her radiance. (Who looked beautiful by the way)

This is my call to action!!! People of all shapes, sizes, colors, and class, I ask that you make an effort and try to SEE us for more than a COLOR. This is why we can NOT call ourselves colorless, because some people still care not to see us. Don't just slap any name to a black girl, as our ancestors did in slavery. We are all unique enough for the world to catch our spark of individuality. This statement is not only for me, but for the little 2 Hispanic boys whose teacher keeps mixing them up, the young Indian woman who no one cares to pronounce her name correctly, or whomever you may be where you feel people just don't care enough to respect your being. Okay 'nough said for now. Time for morning tea.


smh, I'm glad she's speaking up about this.
Tags: black celebrities, internet celebrities, orange is the new black (netflix), race / racism

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