seanb814 (seanb814) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Hilary Duff On Watch What Happens Live

Hilary plays 'Shady She-Gul'

-If she had to switch lives with Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, or Miley Cyrus, who would it be
-Who's better in bed, musicians or athletes
-If she had to had to fuck another girl, who would it be

-How uncomfortable she feels when Aaron Carter talks about her

Plays 'No More McG-Wire Hangers'

-Gets quizzed about famous Italians

After Show Part 1

-Tells a fan happy birthday
-Talks about her music
-Talks about roles she turned down (hints at a nicholas sparks movie)
-Talks about having more kids

y o u tu be
Tags: actor / actress, hilary duff, interview, music / musician (pop), reality show - bravo

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