lyrabjade (lyrabjadesss) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls) Sings Your Feelings in Sam Smith Parody

'Please Go Home' is now the official ode to that trick who can’t take the hint.

We’ve all been there. You roll over to discover that your special friend from last night is in bed with you…still. While you don’t want to give him the bum’s rush (no pun intended), you’ve got shit to do and your apartment isn’t a Hilton.

While we all have our own patented way of politely letting him know that they need to beat it (my personal favorite is “do you need directions to the Subway/Metro/Bus/just GTFO already”), this may be the most melodic.

Mean Girls alumn Daniel Franzese—who will appear in the upcoming season of HBO’s Looking—stars in this parody of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” Created by parody phenom Adrian Anchondo, who also created “Partition” parody, “In-N-Out Mission,” “Please Go Home” also features members of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus and a couple of drag queens.

Maybe we should just keep this on our know, just in case.

Wow, Damian, you've truly out-gayed yourself. Have you ever had a one-night-stand that just wouldn't leave, ONTD?
Tags: music video

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