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Ariana ditches PonytailRi and transforms haself into PeasantRi

We Barely Recognize Her


Ariana Grande, 21, has been experimenting with her look lately. She has boldly tried dramatic eye makeup and braided hair, and now she just debuted a dramatic middle part! Ari is straying from her typical half-up half-down pony — and we love it!

Ariana stepped out in London, England, sporting a fabulous ensemble from head to toe. The pop star strutted her stuff wearing a lacy black bra under a black fur coat. She paired her racy look with high-waisted pants!

To complete the dramatic look, Ari straightened her long locks and opted for a middle part. She looked very chic and polished, which seems to fit right into the London scene! In pics snapped of the singer across the pond (see them above), she was spotted mingling with her fans — so sweet.

We’re totally proud of Ariana for switching up her beauty look! We know she’s been brought to tears when haters have made fun of her hair before, so it takes major guts for her to stray from her usual style. We love her signature style AND new look!

We have come to recognize her with her hair slicked back, so we definitely did a double take at this look. Upon further investigation, however, we must admit her hair looks pretty darn great down.

So go on, Ariana. Let your hair down. We're ready for it.


Which hairstyle are you rocking atm ontd?
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