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Follow up: Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung: An Ice Princess Dethroned, But A Queen Ignited

Recap of the events following Jessica Jung's departure from Girls Generation

On Sunday (US), Dispatch released breaking coverage of Jessica and her long time boyfriend Tyler Kwon leaving New York for Incheon around 4AM. The next day, rumors began circulating on the internet after a shocking post appeared on Jessica’s Weibo.


An official statement from SME came on September 30th. SM Entertainment has released its official statement on Jessica from Girls’ Generation, click here to read.

For those of you that don’t know, Jessica has been extremely busy building her own fashion line with fellow investor and boyfriend Tyler Kwon called BLANC. The brand launched in early August and is stocked with fashion, accessories, and fragrance for the F/W 2015 fashion cycle. Upon site launch, www.blancgroup.com crashed almost immediately due to high traffic.

Apparently SME and Jessica were in agreement that this would be Jessica’s little side project while SNSD remained her priority, particularly during SNSD’s upcoming new promo cycle. Jessica had supposedly agreed to one final album before formally departing, but her growing expansion, success, and motives for BLANC have kept her more preoccupied than previously anticipated.

Thus after tensions peaked, Jessica was cut by her label of fifteen years due to unmanageable time conflicts between Jessica’s private projects and her responsibilities to SNSD. SME reports that Jessica was informed, while Jessica clearly and adamantly states that she was ousted.

She quickly went on to release her own formal statement to the press, click here to read.

Most recently, Taeyeon spoke out at the TTS fansign on October first, only to break out in tears.

Dispatch also released an interesting article called Q&D: Question and Dispatch on the matter, featuring input from some of Jessica’s “close acquaintances” (nothing confirmed). For a translated version, click here.

What makes this even more exciting for Jessica is the fact that idols are usually only the faces of a brand — they don’t generally launch their own. It takes a huge amount of time, energy, and investment to go forward in a branding process alone, much less create stuff out of it, and it is a huge undertaking that will certainly turn Jessica from candy-toting pop princess into business woman extraordinaire.

She gave fifteen years of her young life to live under the scrutiny of the K-pop machine and under the rule of one the biggest entertainment companies in Korea, to live as an idol constantly under a microscope to serve her fans and her community. And now she packs her things and heads off to more promising ventures at a time when we all must agree SNSD has run its course, and many of us have pointed the finger and called her ‘selfish’ and ‘ungrateful.’

This is the first time I’ve seen a mainstream idol part ways with music world and do something equally as adventurous with their post-idol life. And all of Jessica’s popularity promises the success of her brand and her success as a business woman. It is a huge opportunity for her to become a new kind of role model, and an even more exciting opportunity for us as fans to cheer her on as she sets out to conquer new territory.

this is how snsd are currently doing without jessica


complete article at the SOURCE
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