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DJ Premier better RECOGNIZE!@

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After co-producing one of the top pop albums of the year, Christina Aguilera's "Back to Basics," DJ Premier is back in the studio honing projects by Nas, Amerie and Canibus, and close to securing production work on Whitney Houston's upcoming comeback disc.

Premier says he is most looking forward to working with Houston, who reunited with Arista/J head Clive Davis recently to start planning her first new studio album in four years. "I'm not gonna jinx it but there [have] been talks and I've met with the right people so if that goes down I'd love to give her a big record," Premier tells "I know what she needs. I'm not gonna give her a record about rolling on dubs and all that just because that's what's current. That's beneath her. She can go left field as long as the record's banging and she sings it well."

In recent years, Houston has battled drug addiction and last month filed for divorce from singer Bobby Brown, her husband of 14 years. Premier thinks the long-subdued pop star can make a grand reentrance. "She deserves another chance," he says. "I won't misguide her career and give her some bulls**t [track]."

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