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Chrissy stirring up more shit

Talk about harsh. Chrissy Teigen apparently didn’t like Ariana Grande’s ‘SNL’ debut on Sept. 27 — she took to Twitter to call out someone in cat ears . . . and it sounds like she was talking to the ‘Problem’ singer.

While we absolutely loved Ariana Grande‘s performance (and skit) on Saturday Night Live, not everyone was a fan.

Chrissy apparently watched the performance on Monday. She tweeted

During Ariana’s performance of “Break Free” and “Love Me Harder” during SNL, she wore her hair in a perfect updo, and wore a cat-ear headband.

Chrissy immediately got attacked on social media by Ariana fans who clearly picked up the fact that she was dissing the singer. An hour later, she tweeted a response to those tweets:

It seems low for Chrissy to take a dig at Ariana, especially now when she’s been attacked recently for dissing her fans.

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