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LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) - Justin Timberlake's single 'SexyBack' makes men feel gay.

Hip-hop producer Timbaland, who duets with Justin on the worldwide hit, thinks the
song can make a straight man question his sexuality.

Timbaland told Blender
magazine: "Some people listen to a song like 'SexyBack' and think, am I queer? Am I funny? If you are that way, you're just that way. But if you're a masculine man, embrace it. Have a glass of wine, put the record on and invite your girl over to get sexy."

er, one man who won't be having sex to the song is its creator, Justin.

The pop superstar - who is dating actress
Cameron Diaz - recently confessed he is unable to make love if music is playing because he gets distracted by the melodie

Justin, who previously dated
Britney Spears, said: "I have trouble having sex to music because I'll start picking out the chords."


Steve-O is joining the list of men waiting to spend a night in the Paris Hilton.

TMZ cameras caught the "Jackass" star/train wreck after his stand-up set at The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles last night, where he confessed he wanted to get into the heiress' pants, "I wanna f*** Paris Hilton, except I think she's gonna know I'll tell everyone when I do." Well, if she didn't know before, she will now.

Steve-O also compared his comedy routine to his aspiring career as a rap artist (TMZ posted one of his songs yesterday) saying, "I honestly don't know if it's more half-assed than my rap career or less but I spent the entire time on stage talking about TMZ and how I voted for my rap to be dope thousands of times today ... I'll never get bored checking me out."

Hmm ... so that's why 99% of the voters thought the song was "dope," only 1% "wack." Steve-O may be slicker than we thought.

Apparently the mother of DMX's two-year-old lovechild doesn't like being called a rapist.

In a lawsuit filed by Monique Wayne, the former groupie-turned-baby-momma claims she suffered extreme and severe emotional distress, anxiety, humiliation and psychological damage after DMX told Sister 2 Sister magazine that Monique "raped" him while he was asleep in a hotel room. Now she's asking for $6 million to fix her reputation.

In the October issue of Sister 2 Sister, DMX , real name Earl Simmons, claimed that on the day of his encounter with Wayne, he "had drunk [sic], did a whole video shoot." He then describes how he fell asleep on the couch with his "man" out. Wayne gave birth to a child nine months later.

Wayne successfully sued the hip-hop star for child support in 2004, after a DNA test proved that he was the father of her baby son.

According to the lawsuit filed yesterday in Prince George's County Circuit Court in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, Monique claims the interview made her appear "deranged" and "crazy." She also accuses DMX of intending to make her look like a "mentally unstable sex criminal."

It's been a pretty bad week for the rap star. His car was impounded in New York Monday after police found he was driving without a valid license.

Source: TMZ ♥ + Life Style Extra
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