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Britney Spears is sending her entire lingerie collection to Kate Middleton!


Britney Spears is currently traveling to promote her new lingerie line—Intimate Britney Spears—having most recently made an appearance across the pond in London where she turned heads in a navy jumpsuit as she showcased the collection, the pop princess has one high-profile client in mind, with a regal resume to boot, that she hopes will don her frilly bras and panties.
Any guesses as to whom? Kate Middleton!

"I would love to see Kate in my underwear designs," the 32-year-old singer told reporters (per Vanity Fair) at the London debut of her lingerie line. "That would be splendid. I'm going to send her one of every piece. So she'll have plenty to choose from."
Who knew Spears is such a big fan of the Duchess of Cambridge?!
The newly single songstress added that she would love to see fellow pop star Gwen Stefani sport her designs as well. "I'd love to see Gwen Stefani modeling my collection," the blond beauty shared. "I think she's very cool and sexy."

Source: http://uk.eonline.com/news/582414/britney-spears-wants-kate-middleton-to-wear-her-lingerie-plans-to-send-duchess-entire-collection

Does she still exchange emails with Prince William tho
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