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Brooke Hogan's "Prom" Invite Revoked

by Sarah Hall
Oct 13, 2006, 2:25 PM PT

Apparently, Brooke Hogan doesn't always know best.

The Hulk's offspring has been bounced from the cover of the upcoming annual edition of Prom magazine due to her scantily-clad appearance on the cover of another publication

After Hogan posed for FHM's November issue wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini, the teen-focused mag elected to drop her from its cover, stating it felt her image was not appropriate for the Prom audience. 

"We don't feel up to taking thousands of telephone calls from the upset mothers of our young promers," spokesman Aaron Bernick said in a statement. 

The magazine said that Ashley Tisdale will step in for Hogan, but that the switch would push back its November deadline and delay publication until January 2007.

A rep for Hogan accused the magazine of trying to draw attention to the upcoming issue by creating controversy.

"Clearly, Prom is attempting to publicize their magazine by stirring up controversy over photos of Brooke that they took more than a year ago," Hogan's rep said in a statement to E! Online. "Looks like they are trying to up their circulation."

Though she won't be the cover girl, a feature on Hogan will still appear in the magazine's pages.

Meanwhile, Hogan, along with her family, will return to VH1 on Oct. 22 for the third season of Hogan Knows Best, which will feature the blond-and-tan clan's struggle to adapt to their new home in Miami.

The season will also focus on Hogan's career as an aspiring recording artist, and coincides with the release of her first album on Oct. 24.

With all that going for her, who needs Prom, anyway? 


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