"Mel Gibson Should Die." Y/N?

Jewish comedienne Joan Rivers has launched a scathing attack on Mel Gibson, insisting the actor should "die" for the anti-Semitic comments he made to police officers who arrested him for drunk driving in July. The outspoken comic urges people to boycott Gibson's TV interviews with newswoman Diane Swayer on Good Morning America, because the exposure will only help to heal the actor/director's tarnished public image.

She tells Celebrity Week, "He is an anti-Semitic son of a bitch. He should f**king die.

"I think everyone should not watch the interview with Diane Sawyer. The hypocrisy is what I hate. You know it's all about ratings and Diane Sawyer has them all when she's married to a Jewish guy--Mike Nichols. "

"It's ridiculous because she'll get great ratings and (Gibson) will be back in business."

Not surprisingly, Rivers revealed that Gibson has now earned a place in her stand up act: “His bumper sticker is ‘My other car is a gas chamber.’ The other is ‘I heart Hitler,’” she joked before again turning serious. “I believed it when he said six and a half million Jews spent World War two in Boca and didn’t die. He is what he is. How refreshing that we all now know.”