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'Medium' and '3 Lbs.' Set November Premieres

NBC and CBS fill 'Kidnapped' and 'Smith' holes

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NBC is recruiting "Medium" to crack the case in what has been a dead time period so far this season, while CBS hopes to do the same with the new drama "3 Lbs."

Beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 15, "Medium" will begin its third season in the 10 p.m. ET slot formerly occupied by the heavily-touted freshman drama "Kidnapped." After three disappointing airings, "Kidnapped" was shipped off to the programming Gulag of Saturday nights.

Although its figures dipped somewhat in its second season, "Medium" averaged 11.1 million viewers last year, airing on Monday night. The show stars Emmy winner Patricia Arquette as a woman whose connection to the deceased helps her solve crimes.

"We have been waiting for the right moment to bring back this excellent, chilling drama to our lineup and we know this will make the show's legion of devoted fans very happy," says NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly. "'Medium' is an especially creative show, led by the vision of executive producer-creator Glenn Gordon Caron, that is ready to hit the ground running with its new season of thrilling episodes."

In addition, CBS has set a premiere date for "3 Lbs.," which will be rushed into the Tuesday, 10 p.m. slot after the premature cancellation of "Smith." The show, which features Stanley Tucci as plays an unpredictable doctor mentoring a potentially brilliant young brain surgeon (Mark Feurstein), will kick off on Tuesday, Nov. 14.


I love Medium! I know it doesn't have a big fandom, but it's a good show, so I can't wait. I hope it does better in that timeslot than Kidnapped did.
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