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Hollywood's elite joined T-Mobile at an Exclusive Launch Event in Beverly Hills for the Debut of Two
New Limited Edition T-Mobile Sidekicks by Diane Von Furstenberg and Lifted Research Group
October 13, 2006 - T-Mobile Sidekick 3 Boutique
Beverly Hills, California United States


Hollywood's elite eh? Sure! Whatever you say Diane Von Furstenberg.

Pics within my babies.

Nicole Richie's head is huge! She kinda reminds me of a praying mantis. Anyone remember that episode of Buffy with the praying mantis woman? Yeah. Totally nicole.

Paris Hilton. I'm surrprised she can open her eye with all that makeup on. Maybe it's to ward off evil spirits because it's Friday the 13 and all, or maybe she's just trying to make that eye droop so it matches her wonky peeper.

Cheer up Amber Tamblyn! You're one of Hollywood's elite! *giggle snort* Seriously, she looks depressed.

Oh Shane West. Where the hell has he been? I last saw him in that movie with Sean Connery, and then he disappeared. He's yummy though.

I have no idea who these people are, but this photo cracks me up. If Jennifer Wilbanks and Rachel McAdams had a baby, it would be that girl. Maybe a bit of Parker Posey too.

Random celebrity that makes you go "wtf? who invited them?"

That chick from Sin City! She's cute as a button.

Second random celebrity that makes you go "wtf? who invited them?"
Sup Slash and dude.

Debbie Harry performed. Lookin' kinda rough there Blondie.

Lindsay Blohan. She could look much worse, but she's too tan to have that dark of hair. And by tan I mean orange. So gross. She looks older the Debbie up there.

ONTD's favorite. Mr. P33n W3ntz himself. At least he isn't make that face he always makes.

I guess the Ice Princess is back in the picture since Asslee is over in London being ~*~a star~*~.
I wonder what RyRo has to say about this.

Anyone remember when Pete used to say he was never going to turn into the Hollywood type and it was all for "the scars and stories, not the fame?" He is turning into one of those "celebs" who would attend the opening of an envelop.

Source:Wireimage, gettyimage, vwt.

Edit:Okay okay! I take back the random celeb thing. But in my defense, WireImage didn't know who he was either.
And the chick is Ione Skye. Sorry I'm a 90's kid, not an 80's one.
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