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Duff's album pushed back... AGAIN

Hilary's first expected album launch was supposed to be November 21st, and then was later pushed to December 5th. Now her album has been pushed back again until February 2007 so that she can concentrate soley on her new movie, 'War Inc.', with John Cusack.

According to Standart News, Hilary will be starring in a new action thriller alongside John Cusack. Its will be shot in Europe, the film is called ''War Inc''

These days, the Boyana Film Studios will be turned into a setting of a desert because of the shots of John Cusack's new film War Inc. The Hollywood star arrives in Sofia for the shots of the action. The plot tells of a rebellion in a desert country named Turagistan.

Cusack plays the part of a bravo, but things get into a pretty mess when he falls in love with a sexy young reporter. The role of the girl is performed by Hilary Duff - the most famous teenager in the world.

Four movies will be filmed at the Boyana Film Studios in 2007. It is expected that stars Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman will take part in them.

source: oh-hilary.com
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