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From the mouths of trust fund babes

Bailey quick to back Posh

Is Burberry designer Christopher Bailey the nicest man in the fashion world or just the most tactful? He lept to the defense of the former queen of WAGS Victoria Beckham when TheBuzz met him at the David Hockney exhibition at the National Portrait gallery last night.

Although Victoria often causes cotroversy in fashion circles with her excessively co-ordinated outfits, causing former Gucci designer Tom Ford to once say that he wished she would get out of his clothes. Bailey praised her fashion sense, even going so far as to say that "Victoria is one of the most stylish women I know."

Christopher, who has just shot the latest Burberry ad campaign with rock band Kasabian, was reporedly given adressing down by Burberry exceitoves ffor having dinner with the former Spice Girl earlier this year at Londons restaurant E&O.

Fashion sources say Burberry is trying to re-brand and escape it's chav image, but Bailey sees nothing wrong with haning out with the wueen of the chavs.

He added to us "I love Victoria and I always will. As far as I'm concerned, she always looks great and I don't know why everyone is so horrible to her." Christopher, have you seen phtographs of her recently?

source: the london buzz [a free newspaper in london] and written out by me. sorry for any typos

edit: seriously some people need to relax. i didn't make up the article or the grammar. i simply typed it out in a matter of 2 minutes.
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