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Baby Boy sheds the pounds and layers for new album

Don Cortez, known to some as 'Baby Boy' throughout the internet community has been working hard at a revamp for his debut efforts. Working with producer friends DJ Value Meal, Brandon Harris, Solikon, and Jason Karman, he says, "The second round of ideas are definitely flowing out more thoroughly this time." With the first attempt to release his album, then titled A Day In the Life of a Troubled Teen, he admits, "Despite the attachment to the initial name, the title lacked a bit in how deep I'd gotten on the album." Quickly switching titles to Waiting to Panic and pushing the release date back 2 weeks didn't bring much luck either. "I hyped the album up so much, had the connections financially tied together but it just didn't come out."

Needless to say, the album stayed remote for some time. That's when best friend and musical partner Brandon Harris stepped into the mix. "Brandon told me to scrap all the crap, re-record, do the school thing, shape up and bring the album out with full force and focus, and so I did. I kept the hot tracks from the first go and we proceeded to do the album with our combined efforts." Cortez mentions that he will assure fans and the musically curious that fan favorites "Sweat" and "PWNED" will be on the disc as well as personal favorites "Limbo" and "Patience". "I felt that I shouldn't scrap it all, cause it was my all I gave into every song, as I do with everything. They were too good to go unheard and unfelt."

Cortez guarantees a bullseye with the newly titled Histrionic, which he describes as "an emotional burst from all angles." Cortez speaks adamantly on the love-sacrificing track "Replace You", "this record is the best thing I've recorded in all my time of recording. The beat is alluring, the vocals are smooth, the message is universally relative, it's my pennacle song, so far." Produced by Brandon Harris, Cortez elaborates that the song "is for those that have let go of love after the time to realize love was no longer there."

"I'm doing school in Japan until April, so I'm writing what I think in my spare time, Brandon is manning the beats and I'm going to mesh them together when I get back and choose the cream of the crop." The melting pot of electronic, hip-hop, pop and contemporary funk effort Histrionic is tentatively schedule for a late spring/early summer 2007 independent release.

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