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Magnolia Pictures acquires "Serena" for early 2015 U.S. release [maybe, possibly, who knows anymore]

Despite earning release dates in Europe before the end of the year, the long-lost Jennifer Lawrence/Bradley Cooper movie Serena will not be seen in the U.S. before 2014 is over. Serena was filmed between Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, two Oscar nominated David O. Russell projects. But director Susanne Bier continued working on it and the film was continuously delayed as U.S. distributors lost interest.

However, the project has gained some attention after it earned a spot at the BFI London Film Festival next month and Studio Canal released a trailer last week. With that added interest, indie distributor Magnolia Pictures has finally picked it up. Unfortunately, those expecting a third-straight year of Lawrence and Cooper on the awards circuit together will be disappointed. [lol well the other two weren't deserved either so] Magnolia told The New York Post that it will not be released for this year’s Oscar race. Magnolia has no set date, but we might see it by the first quarter of 2015.

That doesn’t mean that Serena is in good shape. The Hollywood Reporter’s sources say that CAA, which has represented the film, held screenings for three cuts, each of which received complaints from potential distributors. “The film was so edited, it made no sense,” one said, while another complained of Lawrence’s performance. Lawrence stars as the title character, who, along with her husband (Cooper) create a lumber empire in North Carolina during the Great Depression. She becomes a Lady Macbeth-type character who becomes obsessed with keeping the business working. It is based on Ron Rash’s novel.

Oh, ffs. Let's just get this over with. And I s2g if they turn the character into a typical ~crazy jealous wife~ I will burn everything down; it's a great book and her character is a badass HBIC. (Changed the source, mods.)
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