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Lea Michele reveals she will cover Frozen hit 'Let It Go'

It was one of the most talked about songs of the year, took home an Oscar, and has been covered countless times.
But that has only encouraged Glee to take a stab at doing a version of Let It Go from Frozen during its upcoming sixth and final season.
Lea Michele hinted that she was going to be performing the hit on Friday, by posting a photo of herself in a ballgown along with some of the well-known lyrics.

The 28-year-old shared the lines: 'I don't care.. What they're going to say.. Let the storm rage on.. The cold never bothered me anyway...'
And after a few days of Lea's teasing, Fox - the network that airs the show - confirmed that Lea would indeed be providing the vocals for Let It Go on Monday, according to Entertainment Weekly.
In early September, the singer was secretive when chatting with E! at the premiere of Sons Of Anarchy about what Disney song she would cover in Glee's final season.

'I was there last night singing the first Disney song we've ever done... A very popular Disney song,' Lea shared with the entertainment site.
When asked by the site if the song was Let It Go, Lea responded: 'I'm not saying anything!'
In the photo she shared on Friday, Lea can be seen clad in an elegant white gown that features a number of floral accents scattered throughout the frock.

Her cleavage was put on display thanks to the dress's sweetheart neckline, as was her narrow waistline.
Lea's hands were clasped behind her back, and she stood in the middle of an empty room with sunlight streaming in from the ceiling.
Let It Go was the recipient of the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2014, and was sung by Idina Menzel, who also portrayed Shelby Corcoran on Glee - the mother of Lea's character.
Glee's final season has recently started filming, and will return to Fox in 2015.


YAAAAASSS I've been wanting to hear Lea Michele take on this song since I first heard it.

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