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Nick Cave and Kylie reunite for '20,000 Days On Earth' + Tour Info

Nick Cave told Kylie Minogue to ''sing less and tell the story more'' on his new documentary, '20,000 Days on Earth'.

The Bad Seed rocker worked with the 'Sexercize' hitmaker in 1995 when they released their single 'Where The Wild Roses Grow' and despite landing a Top 20 hit together, he wasn't overly keen on her singing.

In Nick's new documentary, '20,000 Days on Earth', he tells Kylie: ''Sing less and tell the story more.''

In the music video for their duet, the Australian beauty plays Eliza Day who eventually gets beaten to death by Nick, but the 46-year-old pop star doesn't hold any grudges against her singing partner.

Reminiscing about their time together, Kylie is quoted by NME Magazine as saying: ''When I first worked with Nick it was tender and genuine. And then I saw him perform and speed-read his biography, and I realised that the person I'm watching on stage singing, 'From Her To Eternity' is very different to my experience with him. OK, so he did kill me with a rock - but you know what I'm saying.''


Dream team: team Kylie

It’s easy to imagine there being a dozen Kylie Minogues, doubles or clones, all just shy of 5ft with that adorable pearly overbite, each putting in a few exhausting frontline hours before switching places with a hand slap. Minogue has kept herself secure in the pitiless game of pop for 27 years now – ridiculous work, and she remains busy beside.

Consider the last two years, in which time Minogue managed a Cannes-approved acting turn in Leos Carax’s Holy Motors and became a bi-continental TV draw, judging The Voice in the UK before making weekly London-to-Sydney flights to do the same in Australia. The 46-year-old dropped a 12th career album in the spring, Kiss Me Once, and will begin touring it over 38 dates this autumn. There’s an argument to be made that when she gigged at the close of the Commonwealth Games last month, a breathless half-hour of loco-motions done, of arounds spun, Kylie’s was the only serious, world-class performance of the tournament.(lmao)

The Australian should be so lucky to get some sleep – her workload enabled not by a squadron of boomerang-browed clones (sadly), but by a loyal and large team, currently 17-strong, 18 if you count an ever-present pug that belongs to Kylie’s creative director William Baker, and 19 if you include the centrepiece attraction herself.

Last week, the team was in south London, rehearsing the imminent tour, plans “three-quarters there”, by Kylie’s reckoning, nudged hourly closer to completion by four dancers and a choreographer, Ashley Wallen; four musicians, two backing singers and a musical director, Steve Anderson; tour manager Sean Fitzpatrick and production manager Kevin Hopgood; a one-man strike team for hair and makeup, Christian Vermaak; and Kylie’s keeper of the appointments book, an unflappable and quietly terrifying personal assistant, Leanne Buckham.

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