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Madonna lines children up, picks one out and brings it home

FOR a celebrity who has always revelled in controversy, Madonna was proving uncharacteristically reticent last night over claims she had adopted an African child.

Charities were openly criticising the pop star for her apparent decision to adopt David Banda, a one-year-old orphan - and become the latest Western celebrity to choose a child from the third world.

The singer's PR team would not comment but promised an announcement would be made soon. But the boy's father Yohame Banda, 28, expressed his delight at the star's decision and the chief of the boy's village also confirmed that she had adopted David.

If it transpires that Madonna, 48, has indeed adopted David - and official confirmation is expected by tomorrow - for once she will be following, rather than setting, the trend. Angelina Jolie first adopted son, Maddox, from Cambodia, and then daughter Zahara from Ethiopia. Meg Ryan has adopted daughter Daisy from China and Mia Farrow, now the mother of 14, began adopting children from poor countries back in 1973.

VIDEO FOOTAGE: http://atvs.vg.no/player/player.php?id=5541&keyword=

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