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Ladies' Code Unveil Heartwarming Tribute to EunB & Rise in 'I'm Fine Thank You' Video

The ballad topped Korea's real-time charts earlier this month as music fans helped the act realize their dream of hitting No. 1.

To honor members EunB and Rise who passed away in a car accident earlier this month, Ladies' Code has unveiled a special music video for their song "I'm Fine Thank You" in their honor.

The heartwarming clip shows personal and behind-the-scene footage of the fallen K-pop stars, along with their band mates, at fan meetings, filming performances, backstage at events, in the recording studio and much more. There are also interview snippets with EunB and Rise that are equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking as the girls tell their fans how much they love them, that they'll see them soon along with EunB ending the video with a tearful, moving message.

The video highlights not only EunB and Rise's personalities, but also their sisterly bond. Since their car accident, fans have returned to past interviews where 23-year-old Rise had lovingly picked EunB, two years her junior, as the member she most looks to take care of and said she would feel uncomfortable leaving her on her own. Billboard

be prepared to cry
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