🌹 (la_petite_singe) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Two-for-one guess who post!

Who did I meet tonight?! (and sry but I don't feel like editing so trigger warning for my face or whatever)

Dominic West and Andrew Scott!! (@ the Pride premiere in NYC) Long story short, I did not know this was happening but ran into it on my way out of work, so I pretended to be on the list and paced around sighing exasperatedly and glaring at my phone and waiting for my imaginary person who was totally not coming with my non-existent press pass, and then they both showed up and askfjdjlafdgkd they were both so sweet. ♥ I've already seen the movie and I told Andrew he made me cry in it ("like, you personally!"), which is true, and he laughed and was like "aww thanks" and I told Dominic I was excited for The Affair and then I almost got hit by a car because Victor Garber walked by me and I whipped around like "WHUH?!" The end.

(my other bbs Paddy Considine and Joe Gilgun were not there but still a p good score amirite. and no I don't remember what they smell like)

source: me/my phone/my fake bike
Tags: guess who

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