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Peaky Blinders: Series 2 launch trailer + Tom Hardy's character revealed

BBC Two's acclaimed drama Peaky Blinders returns in October with Tom Hardy alongside Cillian Murphy

The second series of Peaky Blinders, written and created by Steven Knight, airs this October and the big buzz surrounds the Batman connection; The Dark Knight Rises' Tom Hardy joins Batman Begins star Cillian Murphy to play dangerous and unpredictable gang leader Alfie Solomons. The character is apparently based on a real gang leader of the 1920s.
The acclaimed BBC Two drama takes its name from the Shelby gang's habit of wearing flat caps with razor blades hidden in the peaks. Set in post-First World War Birmingham, it drew audiences of around 2.4 million.

The production values in the first series were phenomenal: Peaky Blinders looked as if it belonged on the silver screen thanks to beautifully crafted and shot set-pieces, stunning cinematography and a rock star swagger enhanced by the very modern music of Nick Cave, The Black Keys and The White Stripes.

Peaky Blinders II is coming to BBC Two this October. Series one catch-up will be available from this Monday 15 September on BBC iPlayer.

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Still no actual air date though smh.
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