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Cheyenne Jackson Marries Boyfriend In Front Of Celeb Friends

Entertainer Cheyenne Jackson, 39, has married Jason Landau, his boyfriend of more than a year and who some media outlets are identifying as an entrepreneur (although of what it is unclear), at an estate in Encino, California Saturday night. The couple exchanged rings and vows in front of a group of friends that included Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jane Lynch and Alicia Silverstone. The two men have been engaged since February. It’s been a controversial relationship. Last summer, Jackson divorced his first husband Monte Lapka after being married for two years and after a total of 13 years together and quickly took up with Landau, who according to a source he met at a 12-step meeting.

Jackson posted a photo taken just after the ceremony on his Instagram account with the message “M A R R I E D. Life is beautiful.”

“This means a new beginning for us,”Jackson told People magazine. “It was love at first sight and this is just the culmination of that.”

The Daily Mail reports that Jackson insisted on a woodsy-themed wedding to celebrate his Idaho upbringing.
“There were branches of trees hovering over the tennis court we’re on with over 100 mini chandeliers draping the entire party,” Landau shared. “It was gorgeous.”

Another pic of the wedding couple!

S1: http://www.queerty.com/cheyenne-jackson-marries-boyfriend-in-front-of-celeb-friends-20140914
S2: http://instagram.com/mrcheyennejackson?utm_source=partner&utm_medium=embed&utm_campaign=photo
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