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Charli XCX on treatment of women in music: 'Society needs to change', I'm 100% Feminist

Charli XCX has spoken about the treatment of women in the music industry, affirming that she's '100% a feminist'.

Speaking to Digital Spy at MTV Push in Helsinki about a recent incident where she was asked by a Dutch DJ if she was 'fingering herself' live on air, the singer said it 'blows her mind' that women continue to be treated as objects.

"I would definitely say I'm a feminist 100%. To be honest it blows my mind and it really annoys me the way some people treat women as objects and as if we're stupid," she said.

"I don't know why [it still goes on in 2014] because I personally feel like when it comes to music now women are sort of running pop music from both behind the scenes and as artists."

The 22 year-old went on to express how "our society needs to change".

"There are some really incredible female top line writers right now and always have been. There's definitely this new wave of female artists who are running their own career and I really feel like they're proving a point that they're all bosses, so I don't know why it still happens.

"I feel like it's some weird thing our society needs to change."

Charli XCX responded to a different journalist's suggestion that there's a dilemma when prominent women in music use their sexuality, asserting: "I don't think that that's the problem actually."

"Just because a women uses her sexuality to express herself doesn't necessarily mean that she doesn't believe in equal rights for women or that she's not a feminist.

"I think that women have the right to be in charge and proud of their own bodies. I don't think that feminists have to dress in a certain way. I think it's fine to be sexy as long as you're being sexy for yourself and not for a man.

She added: "First of all there's a thing called fashion that people always seem to leave out. I'm very proud of my body and I've just rekindled this love for my boobs so I'm totally down for them right now."

Charli XCX will support Katy Perry for her 'Prismatic' tour across Europe next year following the release of her new album Sucker next month.

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