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Your weekly Update on the life of Z. Coleman

Zendaya arriving at the ‘Dance With Me’ grand opening party in Los Angeles, California.

HQ pictures & more @ Source

On the red carpet for the grand opening party of ‘Dance With Me.

HQ Pics & more @ Source




Slay mama

Zendaya Makes Silly Faces with Pal Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Zendaya and her good friend Maksim Chmerkovskiy have a little fun with the cameras while hanging outside a party on Wednesday night (September 10) in Los Angeles.
If you remember, the 18-year-old triple threat appeared on Dancing with the Stars‘ with his brother Val.

“‘When someone you don’t like tries to make a joke’ ‘When someone says something real stupid and you just look at em like….” So many scenarios for these faces @maksimc,” Z tweeted.

Earlier in the day, Maks was spotted showing off his buff arms while out to lunch with fellow dancer Henry Byalikov in West Hollywood.

FYI: Zendaya wore an Aritzia jumpsuit.



Zendaya is UNICEF’s Newest Trick-Or-Treat Spokesperson!
It’s official: Zendaya is the sweetest celeb… ever!
Pop sensation and triple threat Zendaya has become the newest Trick-Or-Treat spokesperson for UNICEF, a charity helping kids receive proper nutrition, safe drinking water, affordable vaccines and other basic necessities.

The 18-year-old is known for her generous support in many other charities, including feedOne (helping feed hundreds of starving children) and Secret’s Mean Stinks campaign (helping X out bullying).
“I loved Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF when I was younger because it was such an empowering experience to be able to make a difference,” Zendaya explains. “Kids need more than candy; they need basics like medicine, nutrition and clean drinking water, and millions of them wouldn’t have these things without UNICEF.” So sweet, Z!
Find out how YOU can get involved and become a UNICEF Trick-Or-Treater this year by going to
What do you think about Zendaya’s support? Are you inspired to help UNICEF out this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below and on Twitter!

And last but not least an interview Z did for WhoSay(dot)com. She talks about Charity, Fashion, Growin up as a Teen Queen, Beyoncé, Madonna and Michael Jackson.
Zendaya on Stardom, Charity, and Inspiring Others
By Sarah Bellman
Read our interview with the rising star and check out some exclusive photos from her birthday.

Between her busy days filming her new Disney Channel show, "K.C. Undercover," working on new music, and doing philanthropic work, Zendaya, like many teens her age, spends her down time "chillin'," hanging out with family, and binge-watching her favorite show, "Scandal." However, although she's young—Zendaya just turned 18 this Monday—the actress/dancer/musician still accomplishes things that people twice her age can only dream of.

We talked to the Bay Area-born, Los Angeles-based wunderkind about charity, fashion, stardom, and everything in between. Read the Q&A below and check out some exclusive photos from her birthday celebration in Puerto Rico.

WhoSay: What was your inspiration behind doing the FeedONE project for your birthday?

Zendaya: Well, I really wanted to do something important for my birthday. For me at least, it wasn’t really a priority that I get anything for my birthday. I have everything that I need and everything that I want. So I definitely wanted to do something that I felt was a little more important. I also always think that it’s important to use your status or star power in the best way possible. I think that there’s a reason why you influence so many people, and for me, I think that it’s to make important causes be known and try to use whatever I can to help that.

I was already in contact with [humanitarian organization] Convoy of Hope, and I was brainstorming with my mom, and we came up with the idea to work with Convoy of Hope and FeedOne, which is a charity that they work with as well, to do this whole project and do something that was actually really special. I’m really excited about it.
WhoSay: Growing up, who were some of your biggest musical influences?

Zendaya: For me, always Michael Jackson. He’s always been my favorite of all time. I love me some Beyoncé. I enjoy people who really love what they do. I think Michael Jackson definitely had a lot of messages in his songs. I love Bob Marley’s music. Things that actually say something. I enjoy Rascal Flatts. Things with some substance.

WhoSay: Do you have an early memory that made you realize that you love the entertainment world?

Zendaya: I grew up in a theater. I lived that life. I was all around it ever since I was little. That definitely influenced me, being so young and around that environment. My dad was a drummer, so I would literally lay right next to his drums and just pass out and be sleeping right next to [them].

WhoSay: What were some of the hardest parts about growing up in the limelight?

Zendaya: I mean, you are a young person trying to figure out who you are in front of a lot of people. But I think that it’s also an experience that a lot of people may not have the opportunity to have. I think that everyone’s development is different. My childhood—it didn’t mean I missed out.
WhoSay: Do you ever have to combat the child star stereotype, where you are either burned out, are successful, or even fade into obscurity. Do you feel pressured by it?

Zendaya: Of course. People are always going to compare you to someone else, and that’s just kind of how it is, especially if they are in your lane, but I always make sure that people remember that we are all different people. My life isn’t going to be the same as anyone else’s, because I’m taking a different course and a different trip. I think that that is just because I am a different human being. They are not me, and I am not them. Everyone is going to have their own course of action. Everyone is going to learn and grow differently. I don’t really think it’s fair to judge anyone either, because everyone is growing at their own speed and learning who they are.
WhoSay: How do you balance everything? You are doing things for Disney, but at the same time trying to become this adult musician. Do you ever feel torn between the two?

Zendaya: No, I feel like I create music that is for everybody. You mature in the right way. I’m not just going to overdo it and completely take it to the next level in that kind of way. I think it’s important to just grow with my own personal growth. I’m not going to try to be 21. I’m just now turning 18. You grow with yourself and you grow with your crowd. At least for me, I want to create music that’s for everybody.

WhoSay: Do you ever feel like there is that push and pull of being a role model for children and also for teenagers and also having all these adult fans?

Zendaya: I don’t really worry about it, because I don’t think that I’m the kind of person to take it too far. It’s just not in my personality. It would be different if I were more out there or more of a risky personality, but I’m not. So it’s not something that I think about a lot of the time, because it’s just who I am.

WhoSay: So it’s pretty apparent that fashion is important in your life. How did you cultivate your own style?

Zendaya: I think the most important thing about fashion is not to be afraid of it. To have fun with it. To enjoy it. It’s a way for you basically to just find out who you are and to grow. I always tell my fans that it’s going to take you a while to find out who you are in fashion. Don’t expect to be the biggest fashionista in the world at two years old. Just give yourself some time to find out who you are. I think there is no such thing as trends. I think that trends come and go. It’s more about setting your own.

WhoSay: So you are also the face of Madonna’s Material Girl collection. How exactly did that arise?

Zendaya: Well, they basically contacted us about the opportunity, and I was super psyched about it, because it’s Madonna. It was pretty crazy. I think to me just to know that Madonna knew who I was was kind of cray cray. So that was exciting for me. But I think it was just perfect for me. I enjoy the fashion just in general. I really do love the stuff that they have. I think that it’s a really cool, affordable line. I think it was perfect for young girls to have something that was still chic and still fun, allowing them to have fun with fashion, but it’s still affordable.

WhoSay: Just growing up on screen, do you ever look back on anything you’ve done over the years and cringe, or do you accept everything as it is?

Zendaya: I definitely accept it. You have to go through those things in order to learn. I wouldn’t have found out my style if I hadn’t of worn that one outfit that I hated. You have to learn. I don’t mind it.

WhoSay: What’s something that you’ve done so far that you are the most proud of?

Zendaya: I think it’s really projects like the one I’m working on with FeedOne and Convoy of Hope. I think those are really the ones I’m most proud of, really, because I just think that is something I can really look at and say, “Wow, I really helped make a big impact, and I really did something with the gifts that I have and the things I’ve been given.” I just think that projects like this are definitely my prouder moments.

WhoSay: If you could have a dream collaboration who would it be with?

Zendaya: Beyoncé. That’s the end of the story. (stan a bit, sis)

WhoSay: What would be your dream role?

Zendaya: I have no idea, but if I could play Denzel Washington’s daughter at any point, that would be great.

WhoSay: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Zendaya: I would say definitely getting my nails done. I have a problem. I mean, if they’re not done, I go crazy. So I will indulge in nails. The second they start to chip, it’s time for a new [manicure].
WhoSay: So, what’s next on the horizon? Are you working on any new music?

Zendaya: Right now I’m just in the planning process, deciding where I want to go and how I’m going to mature my sound. Right now I think the most important thing is my TV show ["K.C. Undercover"] that I’m working on that I’m also co-producing. So kind of being on that and finding out who I am as a producer is pretty exciting.

The star also shared some amazing birthday photos with us. Check them out below.



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