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ABC cancels Karr interview when he visits SF school

This guy is insane! According the San Francisco Chronicle, he showed up with cameras in tow at a San Francisco school he used to work at this past week. When will this guy learn?? Apparently ABC has learned though and cancelled a planned interview with him to due to this BIZARRE behavior. Read more below...

Karr backfire: There was quite a back story and backlash to that episode Friday in which John Mark Karr -- he of the bogus JonBenet Ramsey murder confession -- showed up in a limo with two ABC News producers at the Convent of the Sacred Heart school in San Francisco after he beat a kiddie-porn rap in Sonoma County.

Officials at the tony Pacific Heights parochial school, where Karr once worked briefly as a teacher's aide, called the cops after spotting Karr wandering around outside the campus and peering into windows.

Karr and the two producers got back into their limo and drove off, only to be stopped a block away by the police. Officers jotted down their names, but because no kids were in class and no laws were broken, nobody was arrested.

But the fallout continues.

School director Pam Hayes fired off a note to parents assuring them that "a police report has been filed and our lawyers are seeking a restraining order."

And indeed, school reps met with their lawyers Tuesday -- but then had second thoughts, fearing the legal maneuver would only generate more media attention.

"It is a provocation," parent Ron Bannerman said of Friday's episode. "ABC is only feeding a sick mind's need for attention. This (news) team should be fired. Apologies should be forthcoming."

ABC News senior vice president Jeffrey Schneider said he understood the furor -- and that nothing went the way it was supposed to Friday, including the stop at the school. "Our producers were frankly shocked when Karr jumped out of the car," he said.

The two producers phoned their bosses in New York after the cop stop -- and according to Schneider, "the plug was pulled then and there on any interview with John Mark Karr."

"We were extremely upset by the circumstances and apologize for what happened," Schneider said.

As for Karr, who was supposed to fly with the producers to New York for his big prime-time interview? The producers escorted him only as far as Reno, where his brother lives, then bailed.


If you live in Reno, you may want to be on the look-out.

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