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One Direction launching new album at Universal Studios Orlando

Do you hear that squealing? Right there, that high-pitched scream of glee? That’s my daughters because they just found out that One Direction is going to be at Universal Orlando Resort on Monday, November 17.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been dubbed a “global pop sensation” (I know I haven’t….yet), but the boys of One Direction sure have. And they’re bringing all that global pop sensation-ism with them to celebrate the release of their new album, Four, with a special performance right here on NBC’s TODAY at Universal Orlando Resort.
The best news? You can be there. Public viewing will be available throughout Universal CityWalk on November 17 and no admission is required.
Now, if you really want to dial up your visit to see 1D, head into Universal Studios Florida (admission required) and hitch a ride on a specially themed Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster featuring music from One Direction. Then hang around for a special One Direction version of the Universal Cinematic Spectacular nighttime show.
This is going to be 1D(ay) only, and it’s definitely 1D(ay) you won’t want to miss. Ha! See what I did there?
Oh, and to top it all off, our swanky new Cabana Bay Beach Resort hotel will also feature One Direction theming – including specially recorded wake-up calls from the Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry, and Louis themselves.
Alright, I gotta go. I need to go stop my daughters from hyperventilating. I think they might be a little excited…

Looks like I know what I'm doing that day.
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