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Nicole Kidman's Father Dies After Accident

Nicole Kidman's father has died after an accident in Singapore, according to reports.

It is believed Dr Antony Kidman reportedly died in a road side accident while visiting Antonia Kidman, Nicole's sister, in Singapore earlier today.

Dr Kidman was a clinical psychologist at Royal North Shore Hospital and a director of health psychology at the University of Technology Sydney.

The Royal North Shore Hospital was not immediately commenting on Dr Kidman's death.

Network Ten is reporting that Dr Kidman was visiting Nicole's younger sister Antonia who lives in Singapore with her husband Craig Marran and her six children.

As well as his work as a clinical psychologist, he has done research into the psycho-social impact of diseases, including breast cancer.

He was also ran community service seminars on aspects of mental health, was a regular speaker on radio and television and wrote for academic journals and the general public.

He was awarded an Order of Australia in 2005 for his contributions to clinical psychology.

The family was last seen together in Sydney back in January for Dr Kidman and his wife, Janelle's 50th wedding anniversary.

In June this year, a beaming Nicole Kidman, 46 walked the red carpet with her father and husband Keith Urban at the Swisse Celebrate Life Ball in Melbourne.

In one of his last public statements, Dr Kidman wrote of the pointless pursuit of happiness.

In the article titled 'Forget happiness, search for meaning', Dr Kidman wrote about the importance of striving for achievable goals in life, with a focus on being contented with what you have rather than on a life of material wealth.

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