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Outlander 1x06 Preview Clip + Spoilery Info

In this episode, “The Garrison Commander”, Claire encounters Captain Black Jack Randall for the first time since their first meeting.

Previously on Outlander, Claire went on the road with the MacKenzies collecting rent. During that time, she had a chance to witness the conflict with the British from the point of view of the Scottish. She also learns that Dougal is raising money for the Jacobite cause. She comes to see the men around her in a different light and becomes more understanding of their plight.

This episode picks up right where the last episode left off with Lieutenant Foster questioning Claire if she is being held against her will by the MacKenzies. Initially she finds some comfort being among her own people again since crossing through the stones. She hopes that she’ll be able to return to Inverness and travel to the stones after she has talked to the commander at the garrison. Her situation becomes tenuous when Black Jack appears, and she once again finds herself under suspicion. Soon she is the subject of Black Jack’s interrogation and learns his true nature.

The star of this episode is Tobias Menzies who portrays both Frank and Black Jack. Frank comes across as a dull, although perfectly nice and unassuming, man while Black Jack is very dark and twisted individual. Claire can’t help but look for signs of Frank in Black Jack. They share the same face and voice but that is where the similarities end. The viewers, and Claire, will see plainly that both men are nothing alike. Tobias Menzies depicts Black Jack as a man who it is very easy to hate.

Here are a few teasers:
-The English officers make no secret about how they feel about being sent to Scotland and the locals.
-Dougal proposes a solution to a problem.
-Claire sees Black Jack with an item that she recognizes as a family heirloom that Frank treasured.
-Black Jack promises to reveal his true nature to Claire. The interrogation is an intense battle of wits.
-Claire's medical skills are needed.
-Claire learns something about Jamie.

1 / 2

So excited for this episode (this was the critics' favorite)! Which part of it are you anticipating most?
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