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Holland Roden Reveals Someone Will Not Return in Season 5

Holland Roden, 27, took a break from the runway during New York Fashion Week to talk about the explosive Teen Wolf season finale and also revealed some devastating news about season 5 — someone is not coming back to Beacon Hills. Who is it?

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Spoilers: Holland Roden Says Someone Won’t Return
Oh, no — here we go AGAIN.

Yet another season of Teen Wolf has passed by, and yet another fan-favorite character is scheduled to never appear again. That is, at least, according to the show’s own Lydia, played by the adorably charming Holland Roden.

“You’re going to have to tune in for season five to see if we’re all coming back or not. That’s just the reality,” Holland told HollywoodLife.com‘s Katrina while backstage at NYFW.

Wait. What did she just say? Someone isn’t coming back? BUT… WHO?

As you know, Derek, did not leave Mexico with Scott and the rest of the gang at the end of the finale. Then again, neither did Chris Argent. As you may remember, he made a pact to find his sister, Kate Argent  — who is now on the run.

And let’s not forget about Peter Hale. We last saw Peter locked behind multiple different secure walls and doors in Eichen House. But, as we all know, that means literally nothing as far as him being “gone forever.”

So, what did Holland have to say about who could be leaving us in the dust?

“[Derek] walked off into the sunset, and he could easily wake up the next morning and go get Starbucks,” Holland teased “Or Lydia could have magically have joined Jackson in London. We don’t know. It’s sort of a toss up of who is not coming back for season five, but somebody is not coming back for season five.”


an excuse to talk about the mess that is teen wolf's pr
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