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Can this bitch get anymore annoying?

Famous or infamous, dry Sienna acts out again

Possibly famous and recently infamous actress Sienna Miller found out this weekend that neither distinction could work as a functional form of ID.

Just before midnight Saturday night, bar employees said, Ms. Miller, 24, appeared at the entrance of Folino's Young's Tavern, on Carson Street, without identification. Some five minutes later -- after ducking into the bar, eluding a bouncer who refused to let her inside -- Ms. Miller, in town for the filming of "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh," was spotted inside and escorted back to the Carson Street sidewalk. There, tavern owner Penny Folino and bouncer Dan Kovacs said, a disgusted Ms. Miller proclaimed her identity to all who would listen.

"Sienna ripped off her hat and said, 'I am Sienna Miller. I am a famous actress!'" Ms. Folino said. "That's what she did. She was basically throwing a temper tantrum."

A spokeswoman from Ms. Miller's publicity office, who was in contact with the actress yesterday, denied the incident occurred. Film publicist Emma Cooper was aware of the Folinos' allegation, but said, "I heard it never took place." Shooting for the movie continued yesterday on the streets of Polish Hill, but Ms. Miller did not appear on the set and could not be reached for comment.

Ms. Miller has now generated two spasms of Pittsburgh-related gossip before completing one Pittsburgh-related movie. Though already known for both her acting career and her tabloid-covered relationship with actor Jude Law, Ms. Miller's popularity within the region plummeted recently because of her comments in a Rolling Stone interview. Speaking to the magazine in mid-September, she referred to Pittsburgh by dropping its first letter and substituting an "Sh."

According to Ms. Folino and others at the bar, Ms. Miller arrived at Folino's on the same day that she appeared in a photograph on the front page of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, her arm on the shoulder of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. That evening, she wore jeans and came alongside her parents.

"But I said, honey, you need ID to drink here to be a patron," said Mr. Kovacs, the bouncer.

Five minutes later, he said, he noticed both Ms. Miller and her parents inside the bar, seated at a table. Cocktail waitress Katie Jenkins had already taken Ms. Miller's order: a vodka and tonic, Ms. Jenkins said.

Mr. Kovacs suspected Ms. Miller had sneaked in through a side entrance.

So he walked to her table and asked again for ID. She didn't have it. Then, after he escorted her to the exit, one of Ms. Miller's parents produced a copy of that morning's paper.

"Don't you know who this is?" Ms. Miller's mother asked the bouncer, according to Mr. Kovacs.

"Yeah," he responded. "It's the mayor."

Ms. Miller, denied her vodka and tonic, stewed outside the bar for 30 minutes, Folino's employees said. Though her parents were invited back to the bar for drinks, the actress refused to return to her hotel room, where she'd left her license, Mr. Kovacs said.

"She was going crazy out there, stomping her feet, walking up and down the street," he said.

Said Ms. Folino: "There was no reason for her to act like she did. No ID, no entry -- I'm sorry, we can't bend the rules for anybody." 


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