Putting Drake's Face on Wheelchair Signs Is a Trend in Toronto

Because Degrassi Is the Greatest Thing He'll Ever Do

Degrassi will outlive us all.

While he's now known as Drake, any fan of the Canadian teen soap Degrassi knows the rapper by his real name: Aubrey Graham. You see, Drake didn't start from the bottom. No, he started from Degrassi as Jimmy Brooks, the star basketball player who became known to fans as Wheelchair Jimmy after a horrific school shooting left him paralyzed in the show's most infamous episode.

Sure, he's gone on to sell millions of albums, date Rihanna and headline a world tour, but the people of Toronto haven't forgotten Drake's eight-season stint as Wheelchair Jimmy. And if they have, someone has decided to put stickers of his face on wheelchair signs around the city to remind them.

"Draking" is so hot right now.

And thanks to Buzzfeed, we now know the people responsible for this trend sweeping Toronto: blogger Lauren O'Neill and her BF Steven Stinson.
Calling what they do "Draking," O'Neill explained that the couple "just want to make people smile" with the stickers.

What, in your opinion, is the most memorable Degrassi:TNG episode? I'm gonna agree with E! on this one