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WHITE Queen of Pop DEBBIE GIBSON duets with Single BLACK Female MARIAH CAREY!

80's contemporary white singer-songwriter, Debbie Gibson, recently posted a video on Instagram of herself harmonizing with African-American singer-songwriter Mariah Carey's classic 1995 Daydream signature midtempo Always Be My Baby.

While the two share a similar skin hue, they also share many other great qualities!

1.) They are the same age (born 1970)
2.) Grew up in Long Island (Mariah from Huntington. Debbie from Merrick, though she has also lived in Huntington for a couple years)
3.) Both have broken records in the music industry (Mariah with number of #1 songs for a solo artist, Debbie with the youngest person ever to write/produce/perform a #1 song)
4.) Both owners of a piano from a dead famous person. (Mariah owns Marylin Monroe's piano, Deb owns one of Liberace's pianos)
5.) Mariah's idol (in music) is Stevie Wonder, Deb's is Billy Joel. Both of these piano men are members of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame!
6.) Both have major ASCAP honors: Mariah won ASCAP Song of the decade (We Belong Together) with Jermaine Dupri, Johnta Austin, and Manuel Seal , while Debbie won ASCAP Songwriter of the Year in 1989.
7.) Both have launched a perfume line (Mariah's Butterfly collection and Deb's "Electric Youth")
8.) Both singers are naturally brunettes but also known to be blondes as well!
9.) Both have foundations, or "Camps" aimed at helping youths. Mariah with "Camp Mariah", a camp for innercity kids, Debbie with "Camp Electric Youth", which is an annual performing arts workshop for kids.

Fun Tidbit! Debbie Gibson is one of the few white people Mariah Carey follows on Twitter! So great!

Yet another thrilling tidbit! Debbie Gibson also presented Mariah Carey her first Grammy for Best Pop Vocal in 1991!

Mariah and her wonderfully expensive coat thank you for your time!


What's your fav Debbie Gibson classic?
Obviously Only In My Dreams!
What're your fav songs from
Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse?
One More Try, Heavenly (No Ways Tired/Can't Give Up Now), Dedicated & Make It Look Good!
Tags: black celebrities, mariah carey, ontd original

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