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Rami Malek cast in new USA drama pilot

USA drama pilot “Mr. Robot” has cast Rami Malek as its lead, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show is about a young hacker who needs to hack into people’s lives to make connections because of his antisocial disorder. Malek will play Elliot, who works as a cyber security engineer during the day and moonlights as a hacker after hours. His hacking leads him to a group of anarchists trying to start a global revolution. Sam Esmali, Steven Golin and Chad Hamilton executive produce the drama. Esmali himself will write the script.

Malek’s previous credits include films like “Short Term 12,” “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints,” and “The Master,” and TV gigs on shows like “The War at Home,” “24” and HBO miniseries “The Pacific.” ♥ He’ll next be seen reprising his role as Ahkmenrah in threequel “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.”

Wow, all my rando faves be snatchin' up jobs lately. Mary mother of God am I SICK to death of ~antisocial genius dudes on TV...but I will watch this for him, no question.
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