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Tourgate 2014: Katy Perry shades Taylor Swift on Twitter?


Katheryn Perry tweeted this earlier tonight which might not make sense to the common pop observer but this is ONTD and we know our stuff! So as y'all know, earlier in the week Taylor Swift was whining yet again about a certain rival female singer who didn't respond to her cupcake baking invitation and also had the audacity to invite some of her dancers to come and dance in her own tour, thus "sabotaging" Taylor's tour (in Taylor's words of course). So has Katy turned the tables and exposed Taylor for what she really is or nah?

Also because this is an informative post, here is one of the dancers involved spilling some T on the situation back in December:


He left Tasmania for the US for what he thought would be a final concert with Perry to wrap up the Part of Me 3D movie and an audition to be a back-up dancer for Taylor Swift on her Red Tour. The audition scored him and two of Perry's other dancers a spot on the Red tour.

"I was with Taylor for the first six months", Brownlie said. "It was a great experience and she's a great person to work with, but then Katy contacted us".

Perry contacted her three former dancers to say she was releasing another album (Prism ) and wanted them to join her on a second world tour. Brownlie spent 10 months in 2011 touring with Perry for her California Dreams world tour.

"Obviously we were with Katy for 2 1/2 years, she's like family to us, so we were, like, ` absolutely," Brownlie said.

"We weren't really dancing in Taylor's tour anyway so I had gotten a little bored and I really wanted to do a promo tour."

Working with two different artist was interesting for Brownlie.

"The experiences were completely different," he said."Taylor is very untouchable".

"When we did see her, we had so much fun with her, but she's a lot more protected than Katy. Katy's 28 now and can do her own thing. Her team are so lovely, so we have such a good connection. And this time around she is a lot more in control."

S1: https://twitter.com/katyperry/status/509247190280065025
S2: http://www.examiner.com.au/story/1986892/dancing-to-beat-of-his-own-drum/
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