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Jackson Family News Round-Up

Jackie Jackson Becomes a Father of Twins at Age 63

Jackie Jackson -- the 63-year-old brother of Michael Jackson -- is a new father again!

His wife, Emily Besselink (36), reportedly gave birth to twin boys sometime this Spring.

News of the pregnancy spread back in November, when Jackson family friends posted photos of the couple's blue-themed baby shower online.

Prince Jackson (son of the late King of Pop) gave the world a glimpse of his new cousins in a recent "Vine" upload.

"My cousins River and Jaylen are knocked out!" the teen wrote.

Jackie Jackson has two children from a previous marriage: Sigmund "Siggy" Jackson, Jr. (age 37) and Brandi Jackson (age 32).

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The Murderer of Tito Jackson's Ex-Wife and 3T's Mother Is Denied Parole

On Thursday, Sept. 4th, the murderer of Tito Jackson's ex-wife -- and mother of the members of the boy-band known as 3T -- was denied parole for three more years.

Delores (Dee Dee) Jackson was found dead in the pool of Los Angeles businessman Donald Bohana's house in 1994. Ms. Jackson had been dating Bohana for three months when the incident occurred.

Sheriff's deputies initially announced they believed the death to be an accidental drowning and Bohana remained a free man for two-and-a-half years.

The Jackson family was devastated and refused to let the case fade away, pointing to the coroner's report released months later which detailed injuries caused by blunt force and choking.

In 1998, Bohana was convicted for the murder of Dee Dee Jackson and sentenced 15 years to life.

Ms. Jackson's three children -- Taj, Taryll, and T.J., better known to the world as the singing group 3T -- filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Bohana in 1995. They alleged that Bohana, whose totaled more than $4 million, had been upset that their mother would not help bail him out of his financial difficulties.

It was this tragic loss that bonded the three brothers to Michael Jackson's children after the pop star passed way in 2009. (Jackson's death was ruled a homicide and his doctor, Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011.)

T.J. Jackson was named co-guardian of Prince, Paris, and Blanket in a 2012 court hearing after Katherine Jackson had been incommunicado with her grandchildren for over a week.

Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff noted that "there are things about [T.J.] that the kids can relate to."

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Paris Jackson Reunited with Brothers Prince & Blanket For Gary, Indiana Festival

More than five years after Michael Jackson’s death, his daughter Paris (16) and sons Prince (17) and Blanket (12) celebrated what would have been their late father’s 56th birthday in his hometown of Gary, Indiana over the weekend.

The three-day festival, dubbed the Michael Jackson Tribute Festival of the Arts, was spearheaded by the singer's elderly mother. "Since Michael passed, fans have been coming from all over the world to see the house where [he] was born. So, I knew I had to do something then," said Katherine Jackson.

The festival's goal was to celebrate and encourage new artists and help revitalize the local community.

Highlights of the weekend included fireworks, a car show, a dance competition judged by Jackson's children, and a live musical performance by the band Mindless Behavior.

The non-profit Fuller Center for Housing also gave away several renovated homes to deserving families in an effort to bring the block to some splendor.

The occasion marked the first time all three Jackson children have been seen together in quite some time.

As TMZ first reported, Paris has recently reconnected with Jackson family members, after trying to take her own life a year ago.

She's been living in Utah at a boarding school where she's receiving therapy.

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(Click the photos to view them full size.)

(Blanket, Paris, Prince, and their cousin and co-guardian T.J. Jackson pose with a contest winner.)


(L to R: Blanket, Donte, Paris, and Royal Jackson.)

(The Jacksons' original home in Gary, Indiana.)
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