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Don't get hot and flustered

This week's quotes

• "It's an overrated virtue, because, let's face it, we're f–ing animals."
– Sienna Miller, on monogamy, to Rolling Stone

• "All the c– that happened to me came out of a mistake and a situation and a decision that was regrettable, and people say, 'Oh, you're not so golden now.' Well, I never said I was f–ing golden anyway."
– Jude Law, on his tarnished image after his affair with his nanny, to British GQ

• "I want to spend every single night for three months going out with a different famous actress. You know, Halle Berry one night, Salma Hayek the next, and then walk on the beach holding hands with Leonardo DiCaprio."
– George Clooney, on his plan to confuse the paparazzi, to Vanity Fair

• "The Anglo-Franco dynamic has been negative for the past 400 years or more, so for them, seeing an English (character) go face first into the mud is something to be cherished."
– Russell Crowe, on how he endeared himself to the French crew on the set of his film, A Good Year, to Premiere

• "When something is so, so sick, it's risiculous. It's sick and ridiculous. Risiculous. See, I have my own dictionary."
– Fergie, on her skill for making up words, to Rolling Stone

• "I just want to see Oprah debate (Secretary of State) Condoleezza (Rice). That would be like ... I think that's a pay-per-view."
– Robin Williams, to ABC news

• "The truth is, we were never really together. We hung out, and he's a nice guy, but my heart was never in it. Anything further is just a cry for publicity."
– Nicole Richie, about her "breakup" with Brody Jenner, on her MySpace page

• "I used to smoke a lot of weed. I don't anymore, but I forgot about like nine years of my life."
– Kelis, to AOL Music

• "I don't like hiding, so I figured I would come out and tell people what's up. Either it's broken, or I could have something growing inside my arm."
– Travis Barker, on how he fractured his arm, to MTV

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