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10 (5) Celebrities Who Are Ocean Warriors

hark Week may be over but our oceans and their inhabitants are still in danger. Check out some of the celebrities who are working to save them.
1. Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio is n doubt one of the most charitable and environmentally friendly celebrities in the limelight and one of the many passions he has is for protecting the oceans. He recently pledged $7 million to ocean conservation efforts and earlier this year donated $3 million last winter to ocean advocacy non-profit Oceana.

2. January Jones

In 2009 Jones became the spokesperson for Oceana’s campaign to save sharks, which are incredibly threatened by fishing and finning in all oceans. She also campaigned for the Shark Conservation Act in the US.
3. Paul Walker
Recently deceased and incredibly missed action star Walker was known for his charitable efforts, including his campaigning against unsustainable fishing practices and shark finning with The Billfish Foundation. He also helped to stop coral reef destruction in the Mentawais, mainly caused by bomb fishing, and is considered a hero in their community.
4. Jack Johnson

Johnson is a supporter of the Australian Marine Conservation Society, which helps to protect endangered sea turtles and has even donated concert tickets to the cause. He and his wife began the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation which supports education and environmental causes, including teaching children about ocean pollution.

5. Pierce Brosnan

Brosnan and his family are environmentalists who have fought against environmentally disruptive processes off the coast including drilling for natural gas, salt factories, and deadly sonar use that kills sea creatures. Pierce is on the the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Board of Advisors and is a member of Oceana’s Ocean Council as well. Brosnan is also the narrator of Disney’s Oceans.

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