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Is a Patronus Test Coming to Pottermore?

You’ve already gotten your wand and been sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses. So what else could you learn about your wizarding self in the online Pottermore game? How about finding out the form of your Patronus?

There’s nothing official yet, but author JK Rowling hinted at the idea while answering a slew of fan questions on Twitter today.

For those of you who aren’t huge Potter fans or who haven’t yet made it to Prisoner of Azkaban, the Patronus Charm is conjured to battle a Dementor, a creature who feeds off of human happiness by sucking it out of them, and leaving the person feeling nothing but sadness and depression. When a corporeal Patronus is cast it takes the form of an animal, based on the personality of the person casting it. Harry’s is a stag, Hermione’s an otter, and Ron’s Patronus is a dog (specifically, a Jack Russel Terrier).

Since there’s no information on a Patronus test so far, there’s no way to know how Pottermore would go about choosing your Patronus’ form, or how many options there would be. But if it’s anything like the wand and Sorting tests, we could be looking at another questionnaire of choices based on our ambitions, fears, and personal preferences.

Would you like to know your official Patronus? What do you think it would be?


time for everyone to start trying to figure out what their user names even are lol
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