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The Veronicas Tease New Power Ballad Single, "You Ruin Me"

The Veronicas have revealed they came to blows in the studio over their risky comeback single You Ruin Me. Lisa and Jess Origliasso had a sisterly spat over who would sing the verses on the emotionally-charged song, their first new music in two years.

The siblings’ career was on hold indefinitely after restructuring of their American label left their long-awaited 2012 album, Life on Mars, on the shelf. They finally extricated themselves from the multi-million dollar deal they won a decade ago and have now signed to Sony worldwide.

The Veronicas were readying a pop return to the airwaves when they decided to write one more song at a Sydney studio with local (s)hitmakers DNA just six weeks ago. Anger at ex-boyfriends and the messy legal manoeuvrings which stymied their career for several years inspired You Ruin Me. The women had finished their record and were about to film the video for another song when they decided on a late-night songwriting session.

After bashing out a couple of upbeat pop songs — and a couple of wines — Lisa suggested they return to the studio just before midnight and “just write a song for us”. By 1.30am, it was done.

“Lisa and I did have a punch-up fighting about who was going to sing the verses and the DNA boys had to referee,” Jess said, laughing. “We are in such a great place now as far as being artists and being comfortable as women and this song was the last piece of the puzzle to say goodbye to the broken parts of ourselves. And it’s about heartbreak, something Lisa was going through which I could relate to hugely from my past relationships.”

The raw honesty of Lisa’s vocal performance — you can hear her voice crack a couple of times during You Ruin Me — prompted their label to take a chance on the power ballad.

“We have never released a ballad before as a single but it’s time to not do what people expect,” Jess said. "I listen to the radio a lot and can’t stand half the shit I hear because it is contrived and geared towards an image rather than the enjoyment of music. I get the pop industry but I am proud we have put our hearts into this.”

You Ruin Me will hit the airwaves next Thursday and is released on September 19 with their third record expected in November.

The Veronicas sold more than half a million copies of their first two albums The Secret Life Of and Hook Me Up here and were the first Australian act to hit the million downloads mark with the Hook Me Up single.

Jess said they plan on reconnecting with patient fans who have waited seven years for their third record by “hitting the road”.

“A small but very dedicated fanbase have been hanging in there and their incredible energy has been the thing that kept us going,” she said.

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