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Britney dropping new music before the end of the year, wants to pull a Beyoncé?


First, an insider revealed this on the Pulse Music forum

"Just popping by to say hi! :) Oh and that my friend that works at RCA supposedly heard like 5 new Britney songs at a listening session and said supposedly she's already recording a new album. I don't know this friend all that well, so take it with a grain of salt, but he has given me lots of free swag...vinyls, promo posters, etc. I totally thought she was gonna retire after Vegas.

Trust me, I am too. As I said, I don't know how accurate any of this is - I just thought I'd share what I'd heard. This friend also doesn't even like Britney much, and apparently he said the tracks he heard were really good. I want to be cautiously optimistic that her team realizes how badly BJ bombed and are looking to right the course of the ship, maybe halfway through her Vegas gig to renew the interest, but who knows. Anyway, I'm glad to have at least sparked some conversation."

Then a second insider revealed some even more interesting news over at PopJustice forums

In reply to this

Assuming that the EP (OR A NEW ALBUM!!!!11!1!!!) will be out before Xmas, I guess we could hear new music in the next month?

He said:
Yes, we will.

And then went on more detail..

I don't have any info on the quality of the newly recorded material, but there are quite a few gems from the BJ era that didn't make the cut after Will.I.Am took over and him and the label went for a different approach. 1 song produced by Danja and 2 by Darkchild, which do deserve the stamp "Blackout 2.0". I know that A&R for this new project is nearly completed and that no Executive Producer has been assigned, which either means that it's going to be Britney herself or her A&R team at RCA.

No info for a release date this year (might I add that Britney herself would like to pull a "Beyoncé", which her label is not sure about), but new music will be heard this year.

There's plenty of amazing stuff on the cutting floor that she's going to use. And she already recorded some stuff a few months ago.

If we really get what Britney wants, then it's a mixture of Blackout and BJ. And with BJ I mean the sound of "Don't Cry", "Hold on Tight" and "Perfume". (aka the best songs yaaasss)

Replying to this: Does this mean that songs have been chosen for the final record or just that she has a bunch of demos?
She has a bunch of demos, but they already decided which are for keeps and which not.

I find it hard to believe that there were "great" songs left on the cutting room floor when we got Britney Jean.

R: Not just great. Amazing! Very different from the sound that ended up on BJ, but absolute bangers!

I agree in a way. I think Britney needs a smash lead single to get people excited for her after Britney Jean. Just releasing an album with no prior warning might not go over well, sales wise. I'd be here for it though, solely for the excitement of waking up one morning to see that a new Britney album has appeared on iTunes.

R: A single will be dropped first, definitely! But there are plans to release the album out of the blue!

S1: http://www.popjustice.com/forum/threads/14216-General-Britney-Spears-Discussion/page1487
S2: http://pulsemusic.proboards.com/thread/141739/britney-spears-album-9-smokingdiva?page=4
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