James Franco is Tattooed and Beautiful

Art and reality merged for James Franco at the 2014 Venice Film Festival on Friday when the actor walked a real red carpet at a real premiere for a real movie he really directed and starred in -- but did so in character, sporting a fake mustache, real shaved head and a fake head tattoo of Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift.

Inside the theater and before accepting the festival's real Glory to the Filmmaker 2014 prize, Franco got a little work done, shooting an award-show scene for the upcoming movie "Zeroville." A scene also set at the Venice Film Festival. The 1977 Venice Film Festival.

In "Zeroville," Franco portrays a film obsessive "so enamored with movies that they become religion to him," he explained to the Associated Press. The adaptation of the Steve Erickson novel follows the character Vikar -- that guy with the stars of "A Place in the Sun" inked on his noggin -- on his journey through 1970s and '80s Hollywood.