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Mariah serving cute divorce looks

Best-selling female artist of all time and recently ranked by Time Magazine the best pop star of all time, MARIAH CAREY has been silent about her ongoing separation from TV personality Nick Cannon but is active as ever on social media sharing pictures of her serving fresh, cute, age-appropriate looks and spending quality #moments with dem babies.

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Me and Jill E Beans on a break
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I did my own make up .. eyeliner looks a mess gotta get those 500 more hours!!! Lol

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Can't let go!( of the summertime !)

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She dropped Jermaine Dupri and changed record labels, and I heard she's re-releasing the album and starting the whole era over. Or maybe she's recording a new album altogether? Give me that post-breakup weight loss and smash album sis #JusticeForMCSummer2012

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