Timothy James (timothyjames86) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Timothy James

"No thanks, I Choose My Own Destiny" - Ms. Cleoney

Britney’s “Perfume” music video eerily predicts her own future.

The song’s about Britney’s insecurities of her boyfriend cheating on her. In the Joseph Kahn-directed music video, Brit checks her man’s phone to see a woman named Cindy texting.

Star Magazine claim the girl David Lucado was filmed making out with is a “retired adult performer and exotic dancer” named Cindy.

The tape is shocking,” a source tells the tab. “David is slow-dancing with the woman before sweeping her off her feet and passionately making out with her.”

“What’s worse is that there are rumored to be other videotapes and other women out there as well…She was ready to marry him. Now she’s totally destroyed.”

One person who isn’t destroyed by the breakup is daddy Jamie Spears. “He never liked David from the start,” the source says.

And Whoreney is Horney! She's skippin' the date and hoppin' right in the sack! Slut a bit!

I was there on Wednesday night when she said that and I'm ngl, I'm a little depressed at how low her energy was, I'm cutting her slack with her current situation but I'd been looking forward to that all year and was pretty meh :(


Tags: britney spears, music video, rumors / gossip, scandal

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