James Franco is Bald and Beautiful

Bald is beautiful—just ask James Franco.

The 36-year-old actor, scholar and selfie king shaved his head Wednesday for his role in Zeroville, the film based on Steve Erickson's book of the same name. Franco, being Franco, documented the buzzing in a series of mirror selfies.

Once the initial shave was complete, the Oscar nominee headed to makeup where he shared yet another bathroom mirror selfie showing him "Bald as a mutha!" His transformation into Zeroville's VIkar wasn't complete, though, until a fake mustache (and presumably tattoos on the back of Franco's bald head) had been painted on.

So who's this Vikar character Franco is playing? Well, in the book, he starts as Jerome, a young man who makes his way to Hollywood in 1969. He's obsessed with film, and, per Lostville's description on the author's website, he "pursues his obsession with film from one screening to the next and through a series of cinema-besotted conversations and encounters with starlets, burglars, guerrillas, escorts, teenage punks and veteran film editors, only to discover a secret whose clues lie in every film ever made, and only to find that we don't dream the movies but rather they dream us."