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Ja Rule was Found, Coming to MTV with Unscripted Family Comedy

Ten years after he first hit it big on the charts, rapper-turned-actor Ja Rule has partnered with Queen Latifah to film his home life for MTV. Latifah is among the executive producers on Follow the Rules, which has been ordered to series by the cable network.

The half-hour "comedic docu-series" will center on Ja Rule and his family, including wife Aisha and their two sons, Jeffrey Jr. and Jordan, as well as both his and Aisha's mothers. (Their oldest daughter, Brittney, is in college.)

"Ja Rule is the modern day reality rap star version of Bill Cosby's role from The Cosby Show," says MTV programming president Susanne Daniels. "He embraces a unique parenting style with his teenage kids that feels fresh and funny."

Besides Queen Latifah, Follow the Rules is also executive produced by Jeffrey Atkins (Ja Rule's real name), Christian Sarabia, Shakim Compere and Irv Gotti. MTV and 51 Minds are the producers.

In what may be a network press release first, Ja Rule's quote includes the phrase "LMAO" and a series of hashtags: "#Myfamilyiscrazy #Butweloveeachother #F*ckyocouch." (That last one is a line from Dave Chappelle, playing Rick James, on The Chappelle Show in 2004.)

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