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Orlando talks dating Miranda's boyfriend's ex-wife and meeting LOTR fans


Orlando Bloom has admitted his relationship with Erica Packer may look odd from the outside.

But the Hollywood star says he and Australian billionaire James Packer’s ex are just friends.

“I’ve known Erica since I was 19 back in London,” Bloom told Confidential on the phone from London ahead of his trip to Australia for Oz ComicCon this week.

“I’ve known Erica before she was married to James, when she was married to James and afterwards and we are all mates.”

He added: “It probably looks odd but we are all mates, we have all known each other for a long time.”

Bloom was recently photographed catching up with Erica in Spain while his ex Miranda Kerr and James were also snapped holidaying together there.

Asked categorically if he is dating Erica, Bloom laughed: “No, I’ve known Erica for a long time, we are great mates. She is a great girl.” Both couples, Kerr and Bloom and the Packers, split last year.

Bloom said he planned to visit the Kerr family during his visit to Australia.

“I’m going to see the family and catch up with the rellies and I want to catch up with some of my mates. I just love being there,” he said.

“Miranda, family, we are all family. The Kerrs are family. I’ve spent so much time there.”

“And with Miranda and Flynn and the family and stuff I’ve been coming and going for many years. I love it there.”

The popular actor said he first visited Australia “to do Ned Kelly with Heath (Ledger)”.

“I don’t do any social media or anything like that so in a way it’s (Oz ComicCon) a great way for me to connect to any fans who have basically given me everything. They’ve given me great opportunities in life so it’s kind of amazing to get to see them one on one.”

Bloom also insisted he was still very close to Kerr, with whom he has a son, Flynn.

“Family is important and we are so lucky because we get on so well. It’s great. We are great co parents to Flynn. We really support each other.

“I’m very very lucky, it’s a solid unit.”

Bloom is set to appear at Oz ComicCon events in Sydney and Brisbane for his work on big films like The Hobbit, Lord of The Rings and Pirates of the Carribean.

Also appearing are actors including William Shatner, Nicholas Brendon and Jason Mamoa.

“There are some really amazing hardcore fans out there for our movies,” Bloom said.

Bloom said he had come across some diehard fans.

“I came across a fan who had Legolas tattooed on them, that’s always a bit weird. It’s just such a huge commitment,” he said.

“There’s some real passion, some people are just so open and committed to their movies and I think they’re a bit exhausted by the people they see in the movies.”


this might be the end of the Beauty And A Beat(down) scandal :(

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