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Cary Celebration Club #1

The revelation that is the director behind True Detective cleaned up at the Emmys: with just one prize (and two braids) he has monopolized the internet and become the planet’s new hottest celebrity crush overnight. Here are 10 reasons to love the new Hollywood hottie: Cary Fuckmenow Fukunaga.

“It’s like if Johnny Depp and Jason Momoa had a baby.” There’s no discussion: the sexiest man to set foot on the stage at the Emmys on Sunday was unquestionably Cary Fukunaga, the director of all 8 episodes of True Detective, 2014′s surprise TV hit. Twitter literally imploded as he received his award for Outstanding Director for the cult HBO show. The whole internet was quick to follow suit, decreeing him a worthy successor to Ryan Gosling (??), a “perfect boyfriend” and a hairstyle icon, thanks to the long man-braids that are replacing his now old-school man-bun.

Needless to say we agree, and after sifting through the various “everything guide to loving” Cary Fukunaga, we’ve compiled our top 10 reasons to fall in love with him on the spot.

1) His cosmopolitan charm
Born to a Japanese father and Swedish mother in California, Cary has lived in Mexico, Japan, France, and now New York and is fluent in French and Spanish. Speaking to the LA Times, he said: “I kind of like being a chameleon in that way and trying to integrate myself in whatever place I’m at.” You can insert your own jokes about wanting to teach him Italian.
10 reasons to love Hollywood hottie Cary Fukunaga

We can be pretty tough critics sometimes, but we'll admit that at the 66th Emmy Awards, everybody looked pretty good. However, we saved the best for last.

While we were busy gushing over Seth Meyers's perfect tuxedo(s), out of nowhere came Cary Joji Fukunaga, the prodigious director of HBO's cryptic series True Detective. As he went on stage to receive the Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, Fukunaga set the Internet into a frenzy, with every straight female and sexually-confused boy suddenly calling him their "dream boyfriend," and even the "hottest straight guy at the Emmys" (that's not very nice for Jon Hamm, Idris Elba, or Matthew McConaughey).
Best-Dressed Man of the Week: Cary Fukunaga

From the opening minutes of Cary Joji Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre, it becomes bracingly clear that this is not a book-club version of the Brontë novel. Every frame bristles with menace: The lush countryside is a landscape of despair and almost certain death, and the dark, well-appointed sitting rooms are stages for sudden violence. While the tale has been committed to screen some two dozen times in the last 100-plus years, the man who directed all eight episodes of True Detective’s inaugural season seems to be among the first to truly get it right. This is Jane Eyre as it should be, a rough and tumble proto-feminist film noir that’s closer to a horror story than a Victorian romance.

In his second film following his 2009 debut Sin Nombre, Fukunaga is helped in large part by his casting. With her natural beauty muted as the plain Jane Eyre, Wasikowska’s wide, searching eyes seem to express flickers of every emotion at once. Fassbender, meanwhile, lends the moody Rochester a compelling vulnerability while never giving short shrift to the fact that he’s often a jerk. (Or as Jane puts it more politely, “abrupt and changeful.”) Fukunaga paints most of the film in layered shadow and rich darkness, not fully illuminating things until the film’s thrilling conclusion, where he reminds us that what we’ve been watching all along is one of the greatest romances ever told.
What to Stream: Future True Detective Director Finds the Gothic Horror in Jane Eyre

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